in Industry

PTH: Simply the best solution to scale, rust, corrosion and energy efficiency.

Industrial Use

Just one installation cleans and maintains: Boilers…Cooling Towers…Heat Exchangers…Pumps…Vacuum Filters…all Pipes

  • No chemicals required – make huge savings

  • Fewer shutdowns, less downtime

  • No maintenance

  • No replacement parts

  • Big savings on water, fuel costs and electricity: 1mm scale = 10% more electricity usage

  • No effluent

  • Ecologically beneficial

  • Increases lifetime of heating elements, pumps, electric valves

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“We installed the PTH units and in the first month we could already see a change in the colour of our water, it started turning from a red back to a clear colour. We have had these PTH water units for over 2 years, and our water is still clear with no traces of rust build-up.. The old calcium scale on the cooling towers has become powdery and is easily cleaned away. We no longer need to purge our system and this adds to a huge saving. PTH units are practially mainenance-free, environmentally safe and extremely easy to install. We have saved on chemicals, acids, shutdowns, water and manpower. We at Polyoak Packaging Namibia can recommend the PTH water improver to any company serious about saving money and the environment.”

D Dalton, Factory Manager

For Food Processors/Drinks Manufacturers

  • Machinery, mixing vats, holding tanks, etc, can be maintained free of scale and rust without the risk of contamination of cleaning with chemicals. Only soft, healthy PTH water is needed.

  • And tests show that PTH-treated water tastes better.

  • What’s more, PTH water characteristically boils in a steadier, smoother pattern than unconditioned water. This means more controlled cooking and cooking times. PTH even lowers the boiling point of water, resulting in another saving: electricity.

“As part of the syrup blending process, water is heated to 80C in stainless steel cylinders. It is critical that these are protected against fouling, either from rust or scale forming. Moreover, South Bakels cannot afford to use chemical water treatment, as we place a very high emphasis on quality and healthy products. After installation of the PTH units (in 3 different factories) on a hot water bypass, the scale build-up in the cylinders was broken up and started disintegrating as the scale was dimished. The brown water was drained off and the cylinders shot-blasted. The cylinders were completely clean and scale-free!. The PTH now came into its own, keeping the cylinders totally clean. The water in the pre-mixing process is completely foul-free. It is now shiny , whereas previously it was brown! Chemicals, crystals and magnets all failed, but the PTH has succeeded.” Neels Smith, South Bakels (Pty) Ltd

Good news for hospitals, laboratories, restaurants and hotels, laundries, car wash : major savings in soaps/detergents and huge health benefits

  • The PTH has an inhibiting effect on algae, fungus and mildew growth. This is due to the ‘sheeting’ effect of the conditioned water, so it dries faster, even in hard-to-reach areas like shower enclosures and on watered plant leaves.

  • Also, the ability of the PTH to reduce the gaseous content of the water, i.e. chlorides and nitrogen. Algae requires nitrogen, phosporous and sunlight for growth. By reducing the nitrogen content, the PTH reduces the nutrient supply of the algae.

  • And because of the ‘wetter water’ effect, the PTH is essential for car-wash outlets and food processing/preparation areas. This is because when the H2O molecules break into smaller groupings the soaps/detergents do the same, leading to increased surface area, which comes into contact with the grease, oil, dirt and other contaminants, thereby requiring less cleaning medium to do the job.

“I would just like to inform you about the excellent results I had with your PTH de-ioniser that I installed on a 6Kw water-distallation apparatus. This operates 24 hours a day…normally requiring descaling every 6 months, involving acids and lots of labour. After running a new stainless steel distillation apparatus trouble-free for a year, 24 hours a day, fitted with a PTH, I expected a major descaling operation. I was pleasantly surprised on inspection the boiler tank and elements were virtually scale-free. It can definitely run for another year. Your device saved me a lot of man-hours.” Frank Peiser, Dept Medical Biochemistry, University of Stellenbosch

This single PTH installed on a ringfeed at a hotel complex
safeguards a series of sensitive equipment.


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