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PTH and your pool

We all know that chemicals are bad for you.  Science has now  irrefutably proven that your chances of getting cancer increases by a shocking 57% if you swim in chlorinated water.

Here are the frightening facts – Click the link below.

PTH, however,  can reduce the  HTH (chlorine) requirements for your swimming pool by a staggering 50%!

17 November 2020: See what Sharon has to say about the PTH's amazing effect on their Olympic-sized pool:


Dear PTH Team,

This serves as a reference based on my experience with the PTH product.

We moved to a plot in the old mining town of Rooiberg five years ago.
Our water is supplied from a borehole and is saturated with lime and heavy metals. It is our only source of water.
The swimming pool is Olympic of a bygone era. The surface was caked with green and black algae, as well as some serious lime deposits. We drained it and scraped it. It wasn't too bad once all the manpower was over. It still had patches of stains on the fiberglass. Few residents own pools, and those who do, regularly drain and scrape their pools as maintenance.
We installed the PTH with some resistance. Mostly we hoped it would slow the frequency of having to empty and clean.
Five years later, we have not drained the pool once! Somehow, the stains softened and eventually disappeared. Due to our extreme temperature, we often fill the pool up. The borehole water changes the colour to green, but returns to crystal clear after a day or two of passing through the PTH. The only chemical we have ever needed to add is a HTH floater. I no longer even keep my test kit. The PTH saves us on chemicals and fuss. The outlay may seem great at the onset, but after years has saved us a whole lot of trouble and money.
Recently we have built an additional two pools with the idea of rental cottages. It goes without saying, that we purchased an additional two PTH's.

We recommend this product to anyone who either has an existing or new installation.
It is a real game changer!

Thank you again to the team
Kind Regards
Sharon Abrahams

082 567 7085

PTH and swimming pools
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