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Great Benefits for Agricultural Use

PTH. For water that goes so much further.

The PTH Water Improver enables South African farmers to utilise the notoriously hard and brack local waters – which often hamper growing conditions and result in numerous side effects such as stagnation, stress and leaf-burn, or undrinkable water for animals – to achieve faster yields…greater crops…healthier produce…better grazing…healthier chickens…free-flowing irrigation equipment… scale-free elements and wet walls…better-tasting, healthier water…and much more.

There have been regular reports from our clients over the last 25 years that PTH effectively combats ailments and diseases related to the gastro-digestive processes in domestic animals such as sheep, goats and cows. Those disorders, which are often the cause of highly saline waters, typically manifest themselves in diarrhoea and are frequently diagnosed as Salmonella or Coccidiosis, or both.

Because of the unique way the PTH works – see ‘How it Works’ – the electrons added to the water preclude the bonding of oxygen atoms with other molecules. This results in ‘wetter’ water with increased penetrative qualities.

The potentially harmful effects of dissolved mineral salts such as chlorine, sodium, calcium and magnesium are thus neutralised. This increased wetting action improves soil texture: the water is more easily absorbed by the plants. Brackened soil is gradually desalinated, as salts are leeched out (see: Good News for Crop Growers).

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Benefits to the Irrigation Farmer

  • Crop growth can be manipulated to achieve quicker, healthier and increased yields. Because of enhanced seed germination, maturity and, it follows, the investment, can be realised sooner.

  • Increased water penetration means considerable water savings – tests show up to 40%

  • Leafburn on plants and trees caused by excessive salinity in the root zone virtually eliminated

  • No more clogged-up irrigation equipment.

  • No power source required – water treated where required.                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Click here for an                                                                                        informative article ==>>

PTH Irrigation

Benefits to the Dairy Farmer

  • Protects Milkrite and Alfa-Laval machines.

  • Combats scale and fouling of boilers, pipes and trough nozzles.

  • Equipment, strainer filters, tubes and milking cones all cleaned at no extra cost.

  • PTH is unbreakable, requires no power source and is virtually maintenance-free.

  • At least halves the costs of soaps, chemicals and acids.

  • Increases dairy productivity.

  • Improves drinkability of trough water.

The following results were reported by Mr Danie le Roux, a leading Dairy farmer in the Bultfontein District.

  1. The element in the Alfa Laval machine is being kept 100% clean
    by the PTH

  2. The strainer filter is also kept clean.

  3. I have halved the usual expenses on soaps, acids and chemicals.

  4. Even the tubes and milking cones are cleaner!

Benefits to stock farmers/poultry farmers

  • Combats scale and fouling of boilers, pipes and trough nozzles; cups, bells and drippers

  • Improves drinkability of trough water and in chicken coops

  • Reduces and prevents scale and algae on cooling pads/wet walls, thus eliminating need for cleaning chemicals

  • Prevents leaks, wetness, flooding in coops and thus spreading of disease.

“We found that the PTH saves us money that would have been otherwise spent on maintenance, materials and lost man-hours due to breakdowns normally caused by bad quality water. I can recommend the PTH as a quality product to all users of borehole water.” 

Neil Taylor, Malan Chicks, Gauteng


The PTH Water Conditioner is highly recommended for golf courses, nurseries and gardens.

“In the Beaufort West environs, borehole waters all have the same problem – BRACKISHNESS! In my case, my garden literally died from the brack water and I was on the point of writing it off, until I installed the PTH out of sheer desperation. The results were astonishing. The plants are flourishing …my garden has been saved.” 

Piet Pretorius


Nursery with PTH Water Softener

Ek, Tielman Nieuwoudt van Schweizer-Reneke, bevestig hiermee dat ek nou my derde inlyn PTH waterversagter – ‘n PTH 100 – direk van die eienaar van die verskaffingsonderneming, Pierre Massyn (selfoon 082 900 9253),  vir my ander plaas by Tosca gekoop het.

Wat my betref is dit  ‘n uitstekende produk wat my druppers, spreiers en spilpunte volkome skoon hou van kalkaanpaksels wat voorheen groot probleme geskep het.  Daar is geen chemikalië nodig nie en niks om te vervang nie en die PTH bendig ook geen elektrisiteit nie. Die onderhoud is minimaal en kosteloos en die produk funksioneer onbepaald.

Enigeen is welkom om my te kontak by 083 462 7173.

(English translation: “I, Tielman Nieuwoudt of Schweizer-Reneke, hereby confirm that I have now bought my third inline PTH water softener – a PTH100 – directly from the owner of the distributing company, Pierre Massyn (cell phone 082 900 9253), for my other farm in Tosca.

In my opinion this is an excellent product which keeps my drips, sprayers and pivot points completely free of the limescale buildup which caused great problems in the past.  No chemicals are needed and nothing needs to be replaced and the PTH doesn’t use any electricity. Maintenance is minimal and cost-free and the product functions interminably.

Anyone can contact me at 083 462 7173.”)

Tielman Niewoudt, Farmer, Schweizer-Reneke




The PTH Water system is in fact an inline water catalyst. It works on the same principle as a diesel engine’s exhaust catalyst that changes the harmful exhaust gasses to environmentally friendly gasses as dictated by European environmental legislation, that can change the chemical composition of the “bad” compounds in the water to more “friendly” compounds for plants. It will lessen the scale build-up in the irrigation system – drippers, sprayers and pivots - and it will also change the current water to a “wetter water”:  this penetrates the soil much faster and is absorbed almost immediately by a plant, product or cash crop.


It is also especially important to select fertilizers that will not add to your chemical “problem” in your water. If possible, avoid fertilizers with high Cl and Na as an example. As a suggestion I would flood the “problem” area with municipality water to leach out whatever is in the grow area of the grass. Then take a ground sample and send it to BEM-lab and act on the result on the analysis. You can then use PTH treated water with the correct fertilizer for your greens. It is also important to compare the water analysis to that of what the required standard is for grass if you intend using  the PTH treated water on grass.


The PTH will have a positive effect on your water based on the water analysis that you are welcome to send to me.


Kind Regards, Cobus Faber, PR Engineer. 083 455 2881


DIE PTH TOWERPYP.  Ek kan met groot welslae die PTH towerpyp aanbeveel aan die verbruiker. Ek het 2 groter modelle ingesit by besproeiing in Namibia. Het geweldig gesukkel met spuite wat toekalk. Ek ondervind glad nie meer die probleem nie. My lusern groei ook baie beter en waterverbruik het gedaal want plante kan water beter benut. 

Gert Pienaar, MALIKA TRADING, Sel 071 638 7101, 6 November 2017.


I have 4 PTH units that I purchased from Mr. Pierre Massyn at different times over an extended period and I am pleased to report that this is an outstanding product that does not use chemicals or electricity. Two of those units are used in my chicken sheds, and the drippers and nozzles remain clean and free of "kalk" carbonates. In addition, the PTH treated water is healthy for my chickens, they are stronger, more resistant to diseases and reach maturity faster. Thank you PTH and Mr Massyn for a product of supreme quality.
 Ruan Nienaber, Vryburg, Cell 071 631 1303
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