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A filter & PTH combo

Make your life a little easier...

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The PTF is a combination of a micro filter and a PTH alloy catalyst. It not only conditions and descales, but also filters the water flowing through it.


Installation instructions:

  • Take note of the flow direction as indicated by the arrow at the head of the unit. The arrow shoud point in the direction of the point of use. The water flows in through the inlet, goes through the Venturi effect to be treated by the principle of deionising.

  • The unit is supplied with a grounding / earthing cable which must be connected securely to a copper pen at least 1 metre into the ground. (Coarse salt around the copper pen with help to achieve good contact.)

  • To make inspection and maintenance a little easier you can install a tap on the side of the inlet.

  • INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE: The PTF is designed to unscrew easily, to remove the filter washers with ease. Every 2 weeks, you simply unscrew the unit and rinse the filter. Every 6 months, you need to scrub the alloy core with a metal brush (you can also sandblast it). Don't use any chemicals when cleaning the core.

  • Recommendation for cleaning the alloy core:

       Municipal water: every 6 to 12 months

       Farm houses: every 3 to 6 months

       Irrigation and industry: every 3 months


  • Install the unit between any form of tank or dam and the point of use, as close to the point of use as possible.

  • Pressure should not exceed 3 to 4 bar.

  • Always install the unit downstream from a pump.

  • If plastic pipe is not used, always insulate the PTF by using a rubber or plastic washer or disc to neutralise the charge build-up around the unit, as it can severely influence the working of the PTH core.



The PTH Team

"My husband purchased the PTF Filter Combo in 2002.

The filter is still working very well and we regularly clean everything,
including the yellow discs inside the unit.

Thank you! Regards, Anneli Viljoen"


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