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"My husband and I purchased our 1 inch PTF Water Filter Combo system in 2002, when we were completing the building of our house in a Limpopo Nature Reserve.


At the time we investigated numerous other water filter systems, but decided on this particular one because of the hard water and high amounts of lime scale from our borehole. We also liked the fact that this system required very little cleaning and maintenance and absolutely no electricity to operate it.


I recently enquired whether I could purchase the inner discs for this unit, because although nothing was damaged or lost, the discs had become stained over time. I didn’t hold out much hope that, after 19 years, I would be able to obtain a set of new discs. BUT I HAVE!!!..... All thanks to Delene Louw of Water softening South Africa!


Delene went out of her way to source the new discs from Israel after she found that there was no stock in South Africa. The discs unit duly arrived from Israel, and Delene then had it sent to me in Hoedspruit by courier.


I have immediately installed the new disc unit which fits beautifully into the original unit casing, and I am now enjoying my water all over again!


Thank you so very much Delene and everyone in the Water Softening Team."


Anneli Viljoen, Hoedspruit (March 2021)

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Equipped with an inline PTH water softener, this high-pressure steam cleaning machine enjoys full protection from carbonates (kalk), giving its owner complete peace of mind that he can continue his operations without any interruption. He has since ordered three more PTH units to cover his equipment. 

PTH is unbreakable and functions indefinitely without running costs - no moving parts, chemicals or electricity required. 

No volume of water is too much or too small. We shall supply you with the right size for your house / factory / ice machine / coffee maker / irrigation system / whatever is affected by hard water. 

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