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These are testimonials we received from March 2021.

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Domestic use

"I stay in an area where water supply is not the most consistent or reliable resource available. Added to a fluctuating electricity supply, running a business that is reliant on water and electricity

makes operating the business somewhat difficult.  Having installed a borehole and two

gas geysers the way forward seemed to be rosy until such time that both

the gas geyser and the conventional element geyser succumbed to

severe scale build-up. The gas geyser literally popped open at its seams.

Installing PTH 15’s on the water supply to two gas geysers as a trial, the problem of scale build-up

was totally eliminated, and the hot ware taps in addition show no signs of ugly scale build-up.

So impressed, I am now ordering the PTH 20 as an additional installation to protect

the conventional geysers, pipes, kettles and taps.

As a bonus, I am done with the ugly scale build-up on the inside of a glass kettle."

Zach de Beer, Hartbeespoort (September 2022)

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Extract from translated email: I purchased a PTH water conditioner for our household in 2021 and am very satisfied with the product. We soon realised that soap in the shower, bath, dishwasher and washing machine foamed up again as it did before.  We do not experience problems with limescale build-up in the kettle anymore and I am sure that this is also the case with the geyser.  


Our daughter and her family visited us from Cape Town this past winter, and my son-in-law was very impressed with how delicious our water is now.


I can explain many other advantages of using this product. Anybody is welcome to contact me at 082 922 0734 or WhatsApp regarding the PTH Water Conditioner or to visit me personally in Henneman.  

Pieter le Roux, Henneman (August 2022)

Read the original email in Afrikaans here or the whole email translated into English here.

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Click here to see how PTH protected the heat pump at a prestigious private school.
(feedback received July 2022)

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I just wanted to give you feedback on the PTH Water Improver we bought from you.
It works like a bomb!
As mentioned before, we live on a farm in Mozambique and our borehole water used to be very
We had scaling issues due to the aquifer that is within limestone.
Within days of installing the PTH, the taste of the water improved tremendously. The clogging on our
plumbing cleared up and my garden is looking so much better - no more white marks on any plants. 
We are honestly very impressed and grateful for all your help.
Kind Regards,
Ben & Barbara Strooh, Mozambique (May 2022)

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"My husband and I purchased our 1 inch PTF Water Filter Combo system in 2002, when we were completing the building of our house in a Limpopo Nature Reserve.


At the time we investigated numerous other water filter systems, but decided on this particular one because of the hard water and high amounts of lime scale from our borehole. We also liked the fact that this system required very little cleaning and maintenance and absolutely no electricity to operate it.


I recently enquired whether I could purchase the inner discs for this unit, because although nothing was damaged or lost, the discs had become stained over time. I didn’t hold out much hope that, after 19 years, I would be able to obtain a set of new discs. BUT I HAVE!!!..... All thanks to Delene Louw of Water softening South Africa!


Delene went out of her way to source the new discs from Israel after she found that there was no stock in South Africa. The discs unit duly arrived from Israel, and Delene then had it sent to me in Hoedspruit by courier.


I have immediately installed the new disc unit which fits beautifully into the original unit casing, and I am now enjoying my water all over again!


Thank you so very much Delene and everyone in the Water Softening Team."


Anneli Viljoen, Hoedspruit (March 2021)

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Equipped with an inline PTH water softener, this high-pressure steam cleaning machine enjoys full protection from carbonates (kalk), giving its owner complete peace of mind that he can continue his operations without any interruption. He has since ordered three more PTH units to cover his equipment. 

PTH is unbreakable and functions indefinitely without running costs - no moving parts, chemicals or electricity required. 

No volume of water is too much or too small. We shall supply you with the right size for your house / factory / ice machine / coffee maker / irrigation system / whatever is affected by hard water. 

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