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Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic use

Q. Our water is very hard. Is there a point where the PTH will become ineffective?

A. PTH operates successfully irrespective of the severity of water hardness.

Hard water forms limescale deposits (known as “kalk”) that cuses equipment such as geyer elements, ice machines, washing machines, coffee machines etc. to foul up, resulting in massive costs of replacements and/or repairs. No more costly shut-downs for maintenance and the resulting loss of production, either. PTH eliminates all these issues.

The product has been on the world market for nearly three decades. There are thousands of these devices in operation all over South Africa and indeed, all over the world. Prestigious institutions such as Stellenbosch and Potchefstroom Universities, as well as Ben Gurion University in Israel, have tested and endorsed the product. There is simply nothing better for hard water.

Q. My water is very salty and brack. Will my plants grow better?

A. We say the water is brack because it is high in salinity, and this means it contains excessively high concentrations of sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). This causes cash crops to whither and underperform, and soil to become saline. PTH helps the user to optimise his/her water fully and give cash crops the best possible chance to thrive under challenging conditions. If the water is at all drinkable, PTH will improve the taste.

PTH has successfully treated water with Na (sodium) readings of 1986,5 mg/l and Cl levels of 3210mg/l as was demonstrated in Velddrif at Mr. Tonie Nel.

“I cannot use any other water except PTH treated water on my flowers or vegetable garden. My St Joseph’s lilies grow beautifully with the PTH, in spite of the brack water. My beans and gem squash also flourish and yield above average crops.” – Mrs Babs du Plessis, Malmesbury

Q. Do I need to hire a plumber or some other professional to install the PTH?

A. No, the PTH is easily installed in-line between the source and the point of usage. Installation is simple and straightforward, using the device’s BHP male thread. Units bigger than 40mm have flanges.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about the PTH Water Softener.

Q. Do you use cookies on your website?

A. Yes, but only for analytics and to see where we can improve on our visitors' experience. We NEVER use any details for spam or unsolicited marketing, and NEVER give away or sell any of our visitors' details to anyone. View our full privacy policy here.

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