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PTH and your health

PTH treated water is not a medicine or a medical treatment, nor do we claim to be a cure of any kind. HOWEVER, the feedback from satisfied clients and scientific data out there can not be ignored.

Apart from the limescale and rust-busting action, PTH also

softens hard water. Hard water tends to aggravate certain skin

conditions. A few PTH clients have reported that having

showered and bathed in softer water thanks to PTH, they

found that their nails don't break as much as they used to.

We have had messages mentioning that skin rashes and

irritations (like itching), even cases of eczema, were

minimised after the continuous use of PTH-treated water.

One very happy lady even mentioned that her hair perms

lasted much longer! 


Resin softeners remove calcium and magnesium from water, and deprive the body of those sources. Women, especially, often suffer from osteoporosis owing to a lack of calcium - so why remove it from your water? The latest scientific tests, based on research, also indicate that magnesium and calcium may be protective against heart diseases. High sodium levels in water “treated” by old-fashioned resin softeners may exacerbate blood hypertension and ischemic heart problems. No wonder resin softeners are being banned all over the world!

"Hereby I wish to recommend the Israeli PTH water conditioner to the public for medical reasons. The ionization of the mineral salts in present the water through the release of electrons by the alloy catalyst makes the water (1) better and (2) safer for human consumption.    These electrically charged anions and cat-ions may be of value in cases of auto-immune diseases such as eczema, rheumatism, diabetes, abdominal symptoms etc. It will also help with the absorption of minerals in the digestive tract." 

Dr. W Bouwer


A while ago we decided to invest in property in Jeffrey’s Bay. Much to our frustration, after the sale, we discovered that the water was extremely dirty in this well-known part of Jeffrey’s Bay. It was dirty, smelly, causing sores in our mouths, extreme hair loss, constant damage to the geyser and other elements, fatty substance in drains / toilets and extreme damage and discolouration to our clothes etc. We immediately had the water tested and the results revealed very high levels of Magnesium and other harmful minerals and chemicals which proved to be a health risk, undrinkable and bad for skin, hair, nails, pipes, elements etc. The test results were forwarded to PTH for expert advice. We spoke to several people in the area, property owners and business owners (laundries and hairdressers). They were all aware of the water problems. Many houses were already fitted with expensive water filtering systems.  We realised that the water issue was a long-term / permanent problem. A neighbour showed us 6 x filter systems running through his home and still needed to buy drinking water. The filters were expensive with high maintenance costs. After a lot of research, deliberation and correspondence we discovered the PTH Water Filter System from Israel which we bought from you and had the same installed by a local certified plumbing business. The changes were almost instant and drastic. On only two occasions during December were our clothes and bedding badly stained by the water when same was a muddy brown colour. Previously it was damaged on a weekly basis causing thousands of Rands’ damage. No more coarse hair, itchy scalps and skin. The stains on the shower tiles have reduced drastically saving us a lot of money on cleaning products. Instead of having to scrub and scour every evening, I now only rinse every day and clean once a week with shower cleaner. No more fatty substance in the drains or brown dirty water rings in the toilets. No scale build-up! The PTH water even cleaned the drum of my washing machine leaving my washing soft and smelling great again. I unreservedly recommend the PTH product with the utmost confidence to any person / business with water related problems. Thank you once again for your most friendly and extremely helpful service.

Jaqueline Saayman


Dear PTH Management




I must confess, when you were here with the PTH descaler an you explained how it worked, and exactly what changes it effects in the water, I thought to myself this can’t be, we’re now throwing money into the sea; however, today I have to swallow my words and thank you for  the descaler you sold us.


There is really a huge difference in the taste and texture of the water. When I say “texture”, I mean when I finished bathing, my skin definitely isn’t so dry and more; even the bath foam has a richer lather. The water is certainly softer on the skin. Of course my kettle, clothes iron, an geyser will also last longer without all this lime scale. And then I haven't even mentioned how good my father-in-law’s whiskey now tastes!


The main reason why we wanted the PTH was for our daughter. She is now two years old and suffers from eczema. All the chemicals occurring in the water in our region exacerbated her eczema condition. In the past when she had finished her bath, I could see that the eczema was worse.


NOW (SINCE WE HAVE BEEN USING PTH TREATED WATER) IT IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL ANYMORE. I am convinced this is as a result of your PTH device.


Please feel free to refer any future buyers to me and I will tell then how wonderful your product is.


Warmest regards,


(signed) Michelle Theron, Boland Makelaars, Tel +27 (0)28 388 0932 (November 2004)



The observations and opinions above are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and does not constitute medical or other professional advice. 

Girl Drinking Water
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