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Which Size

Selecting the right size PTH

Domestic use

Which unit do you need?


Here’s how to choose…

The flow rate* of your water determines the correct unit size, not pipe size.

  • Pipe size can be reduced to accommodate the unit

  • Units range in size from 1/2″/15mm to 2″/50mm

  • Larger units from 21/2″/65mm to 12″/300mm on request – ask for free advice

How to measure flow rate:

Domestic: Simply place empty bowl/bucket under tap. Open tap full for 10 seconds. Measure amount and multiply by 6 = liters per minute

Agriculture/industry: 1. Determine size of pump by ‘bar’. 1 bar = 35 to 40 litres per minute, eg 2 bar = +-70 to 80 liters per minute. 2. Height of water tank: every 10 meters = 1 bar

RECOMMENDED FLOW RATE: 1.3 m per second

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